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Post by Sir.Gryphon » Mon Mar 16, 2020 6:25 pm

From our RVC:
Given that the US Government is now encouraging no gatherings of more than 10 people, I am recommending that on the short term, we suspend all PFS events. Cory, I know that the Canadian government has only recommended limiting meetings to 50 or less, so use your best judgement. (Anyone that has played the game Pandemic knows that Canada is the place to go! LOL)

I know this sucks for all of us, but we will weather this storm. Perhaps this will even be the topic of a Pathfinder Chronicle! Remember these three basic rules to combat the machinations of the Pallid Princess, Urgathoa: Keep Calm, Wash Your Hands, and if you are sick then please stay home!

Explore, Report, Cooperate!

O.J. Pinckert
RVC-Great Plains Region
I agree that limiting exposure to others in the short term is the best way to contain this illness and prevent infecting those who are most vulnerable. For now, I am asking all Southern Colorado locations that host Pathfinder and Starfinder events to suspend their schedules until all of this craziness settles down. Hopefully we will be having adventures at our favorite local game stores again soon.
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